Chapter 2

NHR Application Process

To become a user on the compute systems of NHR-NORD@Gƶttingen, you need to join an existing project or apply for a project (must be a member of a German university). There are three ways to do so:

  1. Be added to an existing project.
  2. Apply for a test account with limited compute time (technically, you would be added to one of the test projects). You must be a member of a German university to be eligible.
  3. Apply for a full project. You must be a member of a German university to be eligible.

Be Added to an Existing Project

One of the project’s PI/s and/or Delegates must add you to their project. For NHR/HLRN projects not yet imported into the new Project Portal, they must use the NHR/HLRN Management Portal. For projects created in or imported into the new Project Portal, they can log into the portal to add you. For open projects on the Project Portal, you can even click the project’s Join button to send them a request.

Apply for a Test Account

Test accounts only have limited compute time. They are primarily suitable for testing the cluster and your workloads/codes, but can also be used for small compute projects with only a single user. For everything else, you need to apply for a full compute project. If you are unsure, please contact us for a consultation (e.g. at

The steps to get a test account are:

  1. Read Apply for a User Account.
  2. Login to the HPC Project Portal (see Project Portal for more information). In most cases, your home institution will be automatically detected based on your mail address so federated login is possible. Otherwise, you can register a new account.
  3. Request access to HPC resources by sending an email to Please indicate if you are applying for a full project in parallel.

Once your request has been verified, you will be added to one of the Testing projects and receive an email providing information and instructions on how to use your account.

Apply for a Full Project

Full projects provide the following extra features over test accounts:

  • More compute time
  • Dedicated project storage space (see Storage Systems for more information)
  • Can add additional users to the project with shared access to the project’s storage and compute time via the Project Portal

To apply for NHR compute resources please

  1. Read Apply for a Compute Project
  2. Apply for a compute project via JARDS.